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Luze Hoteles - El Toro

Your special occasion

In a unique setting where tradition and modernity go hand in hand, with excellent cuisine and exceptional service, we make every event unforgettable.

Your wedding

The day you have always dreamed of. The most romantic setting for magical moments to share and remember. The perfect backdrop for a perfect wedding.

Luze Hoteles - El Toro

Natural surroundings

Facilities for a magical day.

Luze Hoteles - El Toro

Nupcial Room

210 m2

150 people

Luze Hoteles - El Toro

Mirador Room

485 m2

550 people

Civil ceremony

Natural and intimate spaces for the most romantic of ceremonies.

Mirador Room

Access from the gardens and the hotel.

485 m2

450 people

225 people

900 people

550 people

Mercaderes Room

Access from the gardens and the hotel.

240 m2

160 people

120 people

330 people

180 people

Santo Domingo Room

Access from the Mirador Room and from the hotel.

350 m2

250 people

175 people

450 people

400 people

Estafeta Nightclub

Access from the garden and the hotel.

180 m2

200 people


We offer a menu tailored to your preferences with great attention to detail. Haute cuisine that will turn your wedding into a true gastronomic experience.

Attention to detail and according to your wishes. This is our cuisine, designed to turn your wedding into a true gastronomic experience.

Other special events

Because there’s always something special to celebrate.




Personalised events

Your commitment is ours

Tell us what you have in mind for your special day and together we can make it happen.

Gift experiences

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